A Special Thanks to MSP Engineers

July 30, 2015 The TNS Group

I initially came from a job working outdoors, only interacting with technology on a minimum basis. This gave me quite an ego boost since my coworkers hardly ever used a computer. They would stare in awe as I opened up documents and made them do what I needed to. I could navigate the web with relative ease compared to those around me. I was a technology genius in their eyes!

This rather large ego was very quickly deflated when I got my current job at TNS. I went from a technology genius to an amateur in a matter of minutes. The tasks I could make my computer perform, I realized, were insignificant compared to the magic that my new coworkers created when they stepped behind their computers.

System Administrators (Sys Admins). Techies. IT Geniuses. Whatever you want to call them, I work with a great group of men (and hopefully one day in the future we will have a few women on the team) whose sole purpose it is to make sure that people’s printers are printing, email is emailing, fax machines are faxing, computers are computing, and servers are doing whatever servers do. They are also surprisingly humble and make me feel that the smallest accomplishments on my computer are “very impressive.”

I want to thank all the Sys Admins at TNS for everything they do for me and others on a regular basis, including:

  • Handling any viruses that may randomly pop up on people’s computers (some links are too irresistible to click on)
  • Talking users out of destroying their laptops when they freeze in the midst of typing up an important document. Also, retrieve the important documents for users after they unfreeze their laptops.
  • Ensuring you can always access the internet…but not access anything that could get you in trouble (or looking the other way if you do accidently access it)
  • Keeping users (and companies) up and running after computers break down or natural disasters strike
  • Proactively monitoring systems, identifying issues, and fixing problems before systems go down, so that users never know there was ever a problem

On Friday, July 31, 2015, it is the 16th annual System Administrator’s Day, a day to celebrate the Sys Admins in your life and all that they do for you and your businesses, schools, and organizations.   This blog is for all the amazing Sys Admins that I work with at TNS. I’ve heard a term that can probably be used to describe people like myself – PICNIC (problem in chair, not in computer) – and I want to thank you for working so hard to keep my days happy, productive, and (hopefully) uneventful!

Take some time out of your day today to see or call your Sys Admin and thank them for keeping all your technology functioning and all your systems running.

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By:  Jennifer Totilo, Administration, The TNS Group

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