Tech Trends-Always Bring a Banana to a Party

February 9, 2017 The TNS Group

It was the 10th doctor (you are welcome) that said to his companion, “Always bring a banana to a party,” alluding that it’s good to have something even if it’s not immediately necessary. The same goes for technology, though let’s be honest, when is technology ever not necessary? It is 2017 and so far we’ve seen innovations from just about every company – tech or not, and in almost every form – both needed and not. Uber pledged to introduce autonomous cars into their service in the near future and Amazon, the online retail giant, put forth a digitally run brick and mortar grocery store. The running question is, “How do I keep up in a time that is dead set on on being totally digital?”

As a 22 year old millennial, that has never lived a day without modern technology, with all of the gadgets and gizmos, albeit fascinating can be perplexing. The simple fact is that it’s HARD to keep up with the constantly changing tech trends; nonetheless you certainly don’t want to be taken out of the loop. Take note of the points below and you will never find yourself outside of the know. 

Top 4 ways to keep up with the changing trends in technology 

Stay Engaged

It would be an undeniable lie if I told you that not every new piece of technology makes me want to shovel my whole paycheck into retailers’ pockets. I absolutely love all experimenting with all of the new gadgets, just as much as I enjoy incorporating them into my work. The truth is that you don’t have to go out and buy every new piece of technology that hits the market.

I personally am a fan of all things Apple, so if you entered my workspace or home you would see it riddled with the obligatory iPhone, a MacBook, Apple watch, iPad, and an Apple TV. Choosing to stick with that bias would leave me completely clueless on other brands of technology. I will admit that there are innovations from other brands that outrank Apple in every way. If I am ever curious about a product, I start doing research, and for the more common items, like laptops, phones and video game consoles, I head to my local Target or Microsoft store to try them out myself. This way, even if I don’t plan to purchase one of the items, I walk away with an understanding of its components and functions.

Ask Questions

It is the age-old catch 22; people are continuously afraid to ask questions for fear of being labeled “ignorant” only to remain ignorant, about a topic, due to that same fear. Curiosity is never a damning quality, Look at FAQ sections for companies, because someone is likely to have the same question. It is easy to submit a question to the company forum, or to a technology representative yourself, if the questions you have weren’t previously asked. Similar to participating in a tech demonstration, representatives are more likely, than not, to be just as excited to talk about the product as they are to share information with you.  Speaking tech is empowering

Expand Your Areas of Knowledge

So, you consider yourself an expert in your field, but don’t limit yourself to just that. Branch out, find another area of interest, and become an expert in that. I am sure you are familiar with the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none.” However, what many are not aware of is that is not the end of the quote. It originally said, “Jack of all trades, master of none is oftentimes better than master of one.”  Learn to code, become a master of Photoshop, take a course on web design. Enriching yourself not only helps develop skills and spawns new interests, it will also give a leg-up in the workplace. Employers are constantly looking for well-rounded people and that new skill could be the determining factor in whether a company decides to take you on or go in another direction.

Subscribe to All Things Tech

You have remained engaged, asked questions, and have taken on a new learning experience, but how do you know when new technology is released? Subscribe to all things tech of course! Whether you create an account on Gadget Flow or subscribe to a gadget vlog like Unbox Therapy you can stay on top of release dates for new tech and even get a glimpse into what the product is like from an impartial source. When the new iPhone 7 came out (total Apple junkie) I went straight to the Sprint store to try it out, watched Unbox Therapy’s unboxing videos, and read reviews before I decided whether or not I should upgrade. 

The point remains, that in the year 2017, it’s not socially acceptable to be unaware of new tech advances. It will hurt you in the work place and in your home life. In addition, why would you ever want to live in a world where you didn’t know about tech like the Tile Mate? (You’re welcome again).

Go out and explore new tech, and if your business finds that it’s still struggling to manage its operations, reach out to an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) to handle all of your business and technical needs.

By: Shawtima Moore, Inside Sales, The TNS Group

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