October 3, 2019
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October 3, 2019 The TNS Group

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October is a very exciting month filled with hot cider and hayrides. Not only will fall be in full swing, but more importantly, it’s Cybersecurity Month! It’s a great time to educate yourself on the safest ways to use your devices and operate online. Each weekday this month, we will be featuring a quick video tip on our social media platforms. So, if you don’t follow us already, take a peek at some of our social profiles for helpful information on cyber security. It may help you avoid tracking and hacking in the future.

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Tip of the Month...

This month we are here to tell you to clear your browser data! When your history isn’t cleared you are operating on an outdated version of the site which can lead to a number of errors. Along with that, without a clean browser history you are more likely than not, being tracked by third party cookies. Here’s some more information on why and how you should clear your browser data.

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Featured Solution: Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management TNS
Security is a concern for business owners everywhere, especially with the rise of mobility, telecommuting, and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in the workplace. BYOD is a firm’s policy of allowing employees to bring their own mobile devices (phone, tablets, laptops and wearables) to work to use with company systems, software, network and information.
This practice has become an inevitable reality that employers and employees are embracing. But, it also doubles the number of devices within an organization that require support.

Meet Our New Sales Engineer!

Please Welcome Tad!

Tad is thrilled to be joining the TNS team as our Sales Engineer.  He brings experience and expertise to this role and will prove to be an asset to the organization.  He was drawn to TNS’ company culture and the wonderful people he met throughout the interview process. He looks forward to working with all departments and team members to facilitate the needs of our clients.  Tad’s favorite part of his new role is interacting with clients and prospects, and having free reign to “nerd out” on tech.  When he’s not cycling you can find him reading or playing guitar. We are happy to have you Tad!

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Browntown’s Tech Corner:  Benefits of The Cloud

Check back next month for more tech tips, tricks and charm.

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