April 1, 2018
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April 1, 2018 The TNS Group

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Spring has arrived.  At this time, we survived 4 Nor’easters in less than three weeks.  Winter Storm Toby hit just in time for the start of spring.  It appears that April Fool’s may have come early.  With that said, we are moving closer to the warmer weather and are now enjoying over 12 hours of daylight.

Tonight is the March Madness National Championship, Major League Baseball will be in full swing throughout the month and the Tribeca Film Festival will run through the second half of April in New York City.

Tip of the Month...

If you find that you have some downtime, get a jumpstart on your summer reading and check out the TNS blog at https://www.thetnsgroup.com/category/blogs/.  Everyone from the TNS team is sharing their expertise, insight and opinions on a variety of topics. Some great reads!

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Solution Spotlight: Mobile Device Management

With BYOD on the Rise, Endpoint Security is Essential

Can you imagine a day or even an hour without your smartphone? Do your employees access company data and email via their personal mobile device? BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a company’s policy of allowing employees to bring their own mobile devices (phone, tablets, laptops and wearables) to work for use with company systems, software, network and information.

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Meet a Member of our Global Team

Benjie Leones

We are pleased to introduce you to one of our TNS Global team members, Benjie Leones.  Benjie works on a variety of project initiatives and provides extended support to our clients.  He loves interacting with clients and takes great satisfaction in resolving issues while providing a high level of service.  The Global team’s work enables TNS to provide a higher level of service 24/7 by monitoring and solving issues before our clients’ workday begins.

Prior to entering the technology world he envisioned himself as a teacher.  However, the computer engineering world caught his attention and he pursued his bachelor’s degree in the field.   He moved over to TNS from another Managed Service Provider (MSP) because of the culture and for the opportunities that the company provides for training and career advancement.  He feels a true sense of camaraderie amongst his colleagues.  Benjie’s favorite area of technology is server and network administration and looks forward to continuing to grow in this area.

Outside of work, you might find Benjie at the gym, reading an IT book, enjoying a variety of foods with friends or traveling to the beach to watch the sunset.  He balances out his love of food and trying all kinds of desserts with fun runs and half marathons. If he had a superpower, it would be the ability to make people feel loved, especially those who mourn, or are currently experiencing great sadness and emptiness in their lives.

Where will we find you when you are 70?  Retired and enjoying life with his loves ones

What is your favorite quote?  Be Loving.  Be Content.  Enjoy Life.  Keep Learning.


April Reads

The Importance of Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) for SMBs

Hackers will target any business that they identify as vulnerable; it is not limited to the financial sector or any particular vertical. Companies of all sizes and across all verticals have fallen victim to hackers.  In fact, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are a favored target. 

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Stirring Confusion Nationwide

Tax season is upon us and as businesses wrap up their finances from 2017 and send in those tax forms, there is one topic that keeps resounding loudly in everyone’s minds. On December 22nd, 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law.

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Vlog Series: TNS Insight

Social Engineering: the art of manipulating others to release confidential information. The most common forms of social engineering include Phishing, Spoofing, Whaling, Baiting, Pretexting, Quid Pro Quo, to name a few.

Click on the video below to learn how to safeguard your business against these types of attacks and pick up some “pro tips” along the way.