What’s Hot in Tech News… The November Edition

December 1, 2018 The TNS Group

Don’t have time to keep up with the tech headlines of the month? Don’t worry TNS has you covered! Here is the top tech news from November.

Online Scammers are Targeting “Fortnite: Battle Royale” Players by Offering Fake V-bucks

Online scammers are offering free v-bucks, the Fortnite currency, to young players in an attempt to capture their personal information. There are more than 4,700 websites that are currently trying to collect information from users by advertising “free” v-bucks. Although Fortnite is a free game, users spend about $200 million each month on v-bucks to buy accessories to advance their position in the game. Fortnite is warning users of these attacks and asking that players only purchase v-bucks from Fortnite directly.

Business Insider ran 2 Fake ads Purchased by Cambridge Analytica on Facebook

Facebook’s new tool that shows users who is funding political ads that run on their platforms, was manipulated by Business Insider. The company purchased 2 ads and listed that they were “paid for” by Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica was banned from Facebook earlier this year yet the ads passed Facebook’s approval process and ran on the site. Facebook pulled the ads after 2 days on the site.

Amazon is Splitting it’s 2nd Headquarters Between New York and Virginia

Amazon announced that it will split its second headquarters between Arlington, Virginia and Long Island City, New York. This announcement comes after a year of communities across the U.S. lobbying to be picked as Amazon’s HQ2. The tech giant will have a campus in each of the cities that will hold 25,000 employees. Amazon also announced that it will open an Operations Center of Excellence in Nashville.

Salesforce CEO requests Elon Musk’s help with San Francisco Transportation via Twitter

Elon Musk tweeted a photo of the Boring Company’s new “test tunnel” under Los Angeles, that was created to improve traffic in the city. Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff, responded to the tweet requesting that Musk and the Boring Company help improve the transportation in San Francisco with the tunnels. Musk casually responded to the tweet accepting Benioff’s request.

SpaceX will Launch a Fleet of Satellites to Locate Smugglers and Pirates 

SpaceX will launch small satellites this month on SSO-A mission. The mission is to locate and hunt “dark ships” by tracking their radio signals. The company hopes this mission will help stop the $3 trillion in illegal fishing, smuggling, drug trafficking and piracy that occurs each year. SpaceX believes they can find the ships that don’t want to be found by using HawkEye 360 software.

Instagram will Start Cracking Down on Fake Likes and Followers

Instagram announced that they plan to crack down on fake likes and followers from third party apps designed to boost audiences. The company has developed “machine learning tools” to monitor and locate “inauthentic” likes. Influencers and brands that purchased likes and followers from third party apps will feel the effects of these changes in the next month.

Check back next month for more tech hot news!

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