What’s Hot in Tech News… The June Edition

July 2, 2018 The TNS Group

Don’t have time to keep up with the tech headlines of the month? Don’t worry TNS has you covered! Here are the need to know tech news from June.

Genealogy Website MyHeritage Experienced a Data Breach This Month That Exposed 92 Million Users
The site reported that they do not believe the hackers used the information because they were unable to access credit card information, family trees, and DNA data. The only data reportedly accessed by the hackers were users’ email addresses. The hackers were unable to access passwords due to a cryptographic algorithm.

Google Released a Set of Ethical Principles for Their AI Technology
Google released a rulebook that will govern how they use their AI technology going forward. The list contains 7 core ethical principles including safety, fairness and a social conscience. The list was released after Google experienced internal conflicts over their decision to build AI military tools. The company has since overturned that decision and is not making AI equipment for the military.

Net Neutrality Repealed in the US
Net neutrality was officially repealed in the US this month, but users should not be fearful of drastic service changes. Major broadband providers stated that they do not plan to slow down internet service for competitors such as Netflix, however they do intend to create fast lanes. Users should not expect any major changes right away due to scrutiny from the FCC, however in the future there could be slight traffic changes.

Google AI Technology Can Help Doctors Predict the Life Expectancy of Patients
Google developed an algorithm that can analyze thousands of patient records to determine critical information for doctors to examine. This technology gives medical staff a more accurate timeline of a patient’s stay at a hospital or in some cases helps determine when a patient will die. Google hopes their AI program can eliminate data analytics that typically require an extensive amount of man hours. They also hope the technology will help medical professionals determine a diagnosis quicker potentially saving lives.

Facebook is Creating a Platform to Compete with HQ Trivia
Facebook recently announced they have created a new feature that will allow pages to host live quizzes or contests. This announcement comes shortly after the enormous success of live trivia app HQ Trivia. During Facebook’s live quiz launch, partners BuzzFeed, Fresno and Insider plan to host their own game shows. Facebook and partners hope to capitalize on the success of live social media gaming.

Match Group Buys Controlling Stake in Dating App Hinge
Match Group has cornered the market of online dating with the purchase of Hinge. Match, who already owns Tinder and OKcupid, recently purchased 51% in popular dating app Hinge with plans to purchase more shares within the year. Hinge has positioned itself as being anti-Tinder with the slogan “Goodbye swiping! On Hinge, every like is unique.” Match plans to keep the Hinge brand intact, explaining that Hinge appeals to Tinder users who have matured.

The Next iPhone Software Will Shock Users
Apple has announced that a new feature on their next iPhone software, called Screen Time, will shock everyone. The update, that will be available this fall, tracks users’ daily phone usage, including how many times per day users pick up their phone and how long they spend on apps. The feature intends to make the public rethink their phone and internet usage and change their lifestyle.

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