What’s Hot in Tech News… The December Edition

December 31, 2018 The TNS Group

Don’t have time to keep up with the tech headlines of the month? Don’t worry TNS has you covered! Here is the top tech news from December.

Amazon is building satellite transmission facilities in hopes of extending its cloud model into space

Amazon announced at the annual re:invent conference their plans to build a dozen satellite transmission stations all over the world. These stations will be designed to send and receive data from thousands of satellites around the world. Amazon will allow customers to rent access to these facilities similar to the way customers rent access to their datacenters.

Instagram added a new feature that allows users to filter their stories

Instagram launched a new feature called “close friends” that allows users to share their stories with an exclusive list of users. The listed viewers are not notified when they are added or removed, so overtime users have the option to edit their list of friends at any time without offending anyone.

Quora reported that 100 million users may have had their account information stolen in data breach

About 100 million users of Quora were affected by a breach by a “malicious third party,” Quora reported. The hackers access users’ account information, including names, email addresses, encrypted passwords and other data. Quora logged out and notified all of the users whose information was believed to be compromised.

Google plans to shut down Google Allo

Google announced that it is shutting down the messaging app Google Allo in March 2019. The news comes just 8 months after Google VP Anil Sabharwal announced that the company was “pausing investment” in the chat app. This is Google’s third failed chat app.

The New York Times revealed that apps intensely track user’s location data

The New York Times investigated how apps are tracking and using user’s location data. In their study, they were able to identify specific users based on their travel patterns. The apps were updating locations sometimes 14,000 times a day and the Times was able to see exactly how long the users were at each of their locations.

Facebook users’ private photos were leaked to 1,500 apps

Facebook reported that it discovered a bug in its photo software that may have exposed 6.8 million users. The bug may have given access to 1,500 third-party apps to Facebook users photos. The exposed photos include photos that were posted to Facebook Stories, Facebook Marketplace and photos that were uploaded but never shared.

Google is planning to build a $1 billion campus in New York

Google announced that it is planning to spend $1 billion on a new campus in New York City. The tech giant has already acquired numerous properties near the Hudson River in the West Village. The expansion will allow Google to add up to 7,000 more employees in the New York offices. The new campus will be called “Google Hudson Square”.

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