The TNS Group Unplugged: Tech Detox

July 18, 2017 The TNS Group

There’s no doubt that we are in the midst of the most technologically reliant era of our entire history. Everywhere you go technology is quick to follow. In our homes, in our cars, and even throughout the various schools. There is certainly a surplus of technology and now that summer is here and school is out, kids are in a constant search for activities to focus their time and energies. Television, computer, and cellphone usage are at an all-time high. There was once a time when going outside to play was the highlight of a kid’s day.  it’s time to get back to the real meaning of summer and rally the technology boomers to take a break from the world of gadgets.

Is a Tech Detox Possible?

Can we implicate a tech detox for the younger generation? In fact, many summer facilities are banning the use of technology. This policy has proven to be very successful and is consistent with traditional core values. Allowing the boomers to engage with other people to improve “old-fashioned” relationship building skills, should be a common goal.  It’s a perfect time to step outside without your device, connect with your environment and explore and experience the beauty of your neighborhood. Without the distractions of online life, the younger generation will be able to discover more of their talents and skills. They should focus on trying new activities or making new friends outside of their virtual life, instead of focusing on staying on top of their social media life.

How to Plan a Tech Detox

Getting kids to leave behind their phones, iPods, handheld games, laptops, tablets, etc., is a tough feat. Naturally, it will be met with a closed mind. I can only imagine what my life would be like without having my phone crazy-glued to my side every day of the week. Once you are successful, you will be happy about all the extra face time you can get with your little ones because they won’t be this age forever.

The first step is to look at your technology usage and separate it by necessary and unnecessary usage. Let’s be realistic, our lives are completely plugged in and it would be improbable to completely unplug.  In reality, not all time spent using technology is wasteful. The big idea is to find a balance between your screen time and reality. Plan a few activities that don’t require technology. Make a habit of not having devices during meals or while conversing with others, and try cutting the usage down as much as you can. Make a schedule that allows you to get the most out of your summer free time. The goal is to give your days some structure so that you don’t get that “lost cyber” feeling. It will help the generation engage with one another, while still feeling connected to the world of technology.

Here Are a Few Summer Activities to Help Your Kids Unplug.

  1. Visit your local Splash Park
  2. Stage a Backyard Scavenger Hunt 
  3. Free Kayaking at Hudson River Park
  4. Take a family Camping Trip
  5. Make Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Happy Summer!

By Stacy Donegan, Finance, The TNS Group

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