Tips for Finding That Perfect IT Job

October 26, 2016 The TNS Group

The IT industry is vast with so many sub-skills and specializations that one can choose to focus on. With so many organizations, roles and areas to branch out into, how can one increase the chance of landing that ‘perfect’ IT job?

Coming from someone who has a very diverse work history — from working in a factory, working at 7-11, technical support for major telcos, and then breaking through to server administration, this would sound a bit absurd. But looking at it in hindsight, I would say that where I am now is what I would consider my current ‘perfect’ IT job

So first, let’s define ‘perfect’ in this context. How can one consider a role as ‘perfect’?

It should be aligned with how you see yourself 5 to 10 years down the road

A common pitfall for people looking for ‘work’ is that they look for a ‘job’ and not a ‘career’. Career pathing is very important, as that long term vision that you plan for yourself should also be aligned with the role you’re looking for.

Does/will the role challenge you to be better?

Another factor – does/will the role offer or provide that form of challenge that so many of us seek? This may be a new responsibility, new form of technology you’ve never dealt with before, or even just a matter of challenging yourself to improve your people skills by working with end users on a day-to-day basis.

Even with all its vastness, the IT field can still find stagnation for some people, especially if combined with the lack of vision stated above. One could find himself/herself in a spot where the job he/she had the passion for and enjoyed back then, is now nothing but a daily routine.

Don’t do it just for the money

It is not uncommon that one will try to seek out a role that would sustain and fulfill their financial needs, which is completely understandable. But, at times, it’s not always about the annual salary or bottom line. Benefits such as how much an organization would be willing to invest in your growth (training, certifications, etc.) are very valuable perks. They are also an indication that your employer believes in investing in your personal and professional growth rather than just ‘pulling the hours’ needed.

The people

Now this is something you cannot easily uncover while looking for an employer, but nonetheless, the cherry on top is the opportunity to work with a group of people that believes in the same vision and challenges each other to expand past their comfort zone. Surrounding yourself with people of the same mindset will always keep you going.

So if you’re looking for that group of individuals who thrives in making technology simpler for people and a team that challenges themselves to be better in their craft, then you might already be a step closer in finding that here at TNS:

We’re always looking for outstanding individuals that have the same passion as we have for what we do.

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By Jonnelle Ranara, Client Services, The TNS Group

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