A $2.3 B Tweet: Technology Revolutionizing Fundraising

February 7, 2018 The TNS Group

Many of you that follow pop culture may know that international superstar, Rihanna has a penchant for giving back; specifically with her philanthropic education endeavors.  Less than a week ago, news broke that she sent out tweets asking Emmanuel Macron, the French President, along with the leaders of the UK and Australia to make a historic donation. The funding request of over 250 million dollars will help 870 million children across 89 different countries get access to proper schooling. This isn’t the first time that the singer of “Wild Thoughts” featuring DJ Khaled, used Twitter to send a fundraising plea for her nonprofit. As reported this week, Rihanna and the Global Partnership for Education met their goal and ended up raising over $2.3 Billion to fund her education efforts. While $2.3 Billion is an extreme case, you can employ similar tactics to help revolutionize your fundraising efforts. 

With sites like GoFundMe available to connect your cause and social networking sites like Twitter, where you can reach people in an instant, fundraising for nonprofits has become more accessible. Not to say that it still isn’t difficult task.  The point is, technology has come a long way in the past decade. There are more ways than ever to use it to benefit your organization.  Below are a few ways that you can use technology to help reach your fundraising goals.

Social media fundraising

If you’re ambitious like Rihanna, you could tweet the French President asking for 250 million dollars. But in the event that you aren’t an infamous international superstar, you could start out smaller by leveraging social media to run a fundraising campaign. Get creative with it by hosting a live giveaway or contest to encourage people to share your cause with their friends.

Get organized

Gone are the days of printing out paper receipts and filing them away in a file cabinet. It is 2018 and we have to accept that the digital life is the only life worth mentioning. With that being said if you aren’t tracking your fundraising in a CRM, how are you effectively managing your campaign and dollars raised?  Disorganization can be a key driver that makes your campaign fail, and fail miserably it will.  Fundraising platforms will help you organize all aspects of your operations including; fundraising, email campaigns, mailing list, social media, event planning, and more. The best part? It all is housed nicely on one platform.

Go Mobile

We know that virtually every adult has a smartphone with internet capabilities. You can leverage our smartphone addictions to increase engagement and encourage people to pledge more dollars. If you’re having an event, place QR code that people can scan and send their donations in an instant. Take a bit of time to set up mobile payments on your site or app. This way, with the press of a button you can receive donations from people eager to give.

Go viral

I know, going viral isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it is very much possible. We watched as the internet sensation known as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge swept the nation in 2014. Encouraged to either send a donation or pour a bucket of iced water over their bodies, participants would be able to temporarily simulate the feeling a person with the disease may feel. The success of the fundraiser was mainly due to the fact that it was a fun summer activity to do, but also that the challenge required you to challenge 3 of your friends and family. This is where the wide network of social media came in clutch. People uploaded their videos and tagged people from their network, and after a laugh or two from the hilarity of the reactions, they were driven to either donate or do the challenge themselves, but also tagging people from their network in the process. This went on and on until the Ice Bucket Challenge raised $115 million that summer alone.


Whether your goal is to go viral overnight, or simply meet your fundraising goal, there is no doubt that technology can get you there. As the resident experts in all thing tech, we are here to help. Contact The TNS Group today to learn more about how technology can help you reach your goals.

By: Shawtima Moore, Marketing, The TNS Group

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