Hashtag 2017: Tech Trends to Watch

May 11, 2017 The TNS Group

The only things in life that you can count on are death and taxes, as the old saying goes.  But I think that we should add the march of technology to this.  People are always going to want the next big thing, the next new toy, and companies know this.  They are all too eager to bring forth their new offerings and attempt to convince you that you cannot live without them. Many of these can’t-live-without items will shuffle off into oblivion, never to be heard from again.  However, sometimes there are advancements and trends that stick around, continue to grow, and do become things that we cannot live without.  The car, refrigerator, phone and the computer can all count themselves amongst the latter.


Here Are a Few of the Tech Trends That You Should Watch For …

Stories of the Stay at Home VPN:

Many of us already use or have used a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in our business lives.  It’s that great networking tool that allows us to connect to your company’s computers from your living room or the coffee shop down the street. Companies love it because it ensures that their data remains protected and encrypted as it swirls around the interwebs. Most people wouldn’t ever think about using one for their own web surfing, until now.   On Tuesday 3/29/17, Congress voted to remove restrictions that prevented your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from selling your data.  Your surfing habits, products you looked at and bought, where you looked at them and from whom you purchased, even what web browser you prefer to use, are available to be logged. 

This information will all be up for sale to marketing research companies, ad agencies, and any corporation who wants it and is willing to pay.  So how do you prevent this? This is where the VPN comes in.  Due to all of this, personal VPN services have seen a huge growth in membership and are moving from being a nerdy and niche product for the paranoid, to a wider public adoption in the quest for privacy and online security.

The Voices, so Many Voices:

You’ve heard of or even used Apple’s Siri, Google’s OK Google, or Microsoft’s Cortana by now.  All of these have ushered in the age of voice search.  But voice search is still something that many of us do not use, even though we have a product in our pocket that will do it.  With the introduction of the Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa having been available for a year, voice-search only devices are starting to creep into our lives.  These devices have no keyboards, no mouse, no display, and are manipulated purely through your voice.  As more and more of these devices enter the market, we will become more comfortable and familiar with them.  They will become a presence in most homes over the next few years.

Batteries are Hot!

With the Samsung battery debacle so fresh in our collective memories, you know the ones that came with that great burn-your-house-down feature, it should come as no surprise that we are seeing a resurgence in battery research.  We are looking for a way to make them smaller, more powerful, and non-incendiary.  Through this research will likely come new formulations and construction methods that will move the ball a great distance.  It also helps that Tesla, purveyor of the cool electric products, is working hard on this.

OLED it Be.

OLED (pronounced Oh-Led) stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode.  This is the newest in display technologies.  OLED has actually been around for years, although the cost to size ratio has prevented the development of a screen big enough for TV use, hence their use mostly in cell phones.  But LG has made huge strides in the development and manufacturing of large-scale screens and they are finally ready for the big time. 

OLED is more efficient, produces better colors, deeper blacks, and greater detail.  With prices once north of $10K for a 50” TV, they were a tough sell.  However, with that same TV now in the $2K range, when combined with their superior performance, we are likely to see the same journey for OLED, as taken by standard LCD TV before and their LED cousins that followed. Currently, LG is still the only company making these OLED panels, but Sony has already indicated that they will take on the challenge.  And not to be outdone by Sony, it’s a safe bet that Samsung will not be far behind.

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By: Dana Berwick, Client Services, The TNS Group

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