Powering Up Your Network on All Fronts

January 26, 2016 The TNS Group

Broadly speaking, in IT, a network consists of a series of points or nodes interconnected by communication paths. These same networks can be connected with other networks and contain subnetworks within them. These same concepts could be applied to human beings.

The idea of powering up your network focuses on humans and their personal networks. Similar to computers, individuals create connections with those that impact their everyday life. The concept of “power up your network” seeks to understand the level that these connections influence people, how these relationships are developed and lastly explore ways to expand those networks and subnetworks.

In today’s society, networking is one of the key ingredients of success. From housing, job searches, nannies or business leads it is now, more than ever, a common practice to reach out for referrals than venture out into the unknown. A large number of corporations, big and small, are reaching out to their own internal staff prior to posting new job listings with recruiters or job search engines. I myself have gotten more job opportunities through social and networking events than through the traditional job application and interview process.

This falls back into the notion that smart and talented people tend to surround themselves with like-minded individuals. Some refer to this as the The Law of Attraction or “like attracts like.” Similarly, outside of the workforce, friends and colleagues alike are reaching within their own networks for referrals for nannies, contractors, housing, bankers, lawyers, accountants and so on.

Similar to computer networks, humans require a level of maintenance from the individuals within their personal networks. At times, it’s as simple as sending someone birthday and/or holiday wishes to make sure people know you’re thinking about them. It’s often the small gestures that go a long way.

As such, an essential part of nurturing these connections can be expressed via a simple text, email or phone call to say “hello” and keep you fresh in someone’s mind. It is important to remember that these bonds are a two way street. Moreover, when nurturing your network don’t be that person that only calls when they need something.

While this might be common sense to the vast majority, there are still a large number of people out there that follow this type of behavior. While in the short run this type of behavior might be acceptable, more often than not it serves to deteriorate the connection.

In conclusion, unlike popular belief, networking doesn’t have to be a dreadful task. The beauty of networking lies within its simplicity. Expanding the pool of individuals that you know can occur while taking part in the simple things in life, such as; taking part in a friends/family gathering, after work happy hour or volunteering in your community.

You never know who will be at these events so what are you waiting for?  Go out there and reconnect with someone or expand your network. Interested in learning more about events, please visit The TNS Group.

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