What It’s Like to Be an Intern at TNS

August 16, 2016 The TNS Group

Not everyone can say they took selfies with coworkers, attended a rooftop mixer, and posed with Mark Herzlich during their internship.

But I can.

Working for The TNS Group has not only been an incredible learning opportunity but it has created unforgettable memories and experiences to take with me moving forward in pursuit of my career.
My name is Taylor and I worked for TNS the summer before my junior year of college. At the beginning of it all, I was shown a list of what to expect to do over the course of the internship. This included campaign research, site monitoring, social media posting, even blog writing, and much more. I remember thinking, there’s no way this can ALL be done in a 2-and-a-half month period. Well, I was wrong.

I worked on a wider variety of tasks at TNS that summer than at all of my previous jobs combined (and from customer service to copyediting, there’s quite a range). Although I technically worked as a Marketing Intern, I more than dabbled in business development as well as event planning, all the while learning more about the world of IT (to be honest, that may be the most surprising part of it all, seeing as I’m less than proficient in technology). What I’ve realized is that the small size of the company has allowed for this diversity in job tasks, and that it naturally encourages employees to grow and view business from a variety of different angles. From my experiences working in this environment, I know a smaller company is a must-have at some point in my future endeavors. To be a part of a family like the one at TNS is something I’m not sure I can live without (especially now that I’ve seen what it’s like). I never realized, for example, how close coworkers could be. Although, it makes perfect sense to me now since we’d all rather make friends than enemies when spending so much time together.

Even just working at TNS for the summer, I already felt like a part of the family. I was openly welcomed from the very beginning and, although I see myself as more of an introvert, found that I opened up quickly and came out of my shell in a way I’ve never really experienced nor expected. I was so impressed that everyone there knew my name almost instantly and that I was never asked to go on the infamous coffee run for people around the office. In fact, I was asked on many occasions if I myself wanted Starbucks! By the time I had to say goodbye, I felt like I was leaving home for my first year of college once again.

After working in the office, I have gained so much breadth in business that I’d be comfortable in any interview as far as experience goes. And it extends beyond tasks assigned to me. I’ve attended many meetings, travelled to client sites, sat in on calls, and was even lucky enough to experience the joining of TNS with Chelsea Computer. It was an incredible feeling to meet and welcome the new members of TNS at the time they were first joining the family.

I was asked recently whether marketing itself was what I expected it to be. Did I like the work as much as I thought I would? Will I continue to pursue it as a career?

To be honest, as open as I am to experiences, not liking the work was a pretty big fear I had going into this. For someone who likes to have things “all figured out” (I put that in quotes because I realize that’s absolutely impossible), I didn’t want to change my track. I’ve declared my major in International Business and I figured that, if I didn’t like marketing, there was no reason to stay. That was the only part of business I thought I would enjoy doing.

Well, first off, I loved the work. Like I said, I did anything and everything on the vast wheel of marketing during my time here. I helped design the monthly newsletters, which allowed me to pour my creativity into captions and introductions with tips for the upcoming month. I got to use wit and humor and my somewhat proficient knowledge of the language of social media. I loved editing blogs and writing my own (this one is especially fun). Although every job comes with the not-so-fun work as well, I even enjoyed doing that. I had a rhythm down when it came to organizing the database and I learned a lot about how to use the US Census data for research.

As for only enjoying the marketing component of business, I was, yet again, very wrong. There is so much that goes into a business, especially for a company like TNS where everyone’s responsibilities vary in some way, shape, or form. During my time there, I travelled to a couple of client sites and realized interacting with people in this way is something I’d like to discover more down the road. I love the thought of travelling, which is one of the reasons why I specifically chose to study International Business. But half of it is also building the relationships with clients, helping them to trust you and assuring them that you’ll take good care of them and their business. Of course, that can only be made true with a great team behind you.

That, in fact, may be my absolute favorite thing about The TNS Group. It’s a TEAM. There is constant communication and although everyone is only human and makes mistakes, I have seen them bounce back quickly because of the level of support that exists within the veins of the organization.

It was also just a lot of fun being an intern. I loved the enthusiasm when taking pictures for our Instagram account (I didn’t think I’d have such a great turnout on National Pink Day!) and seeing Pat Benatar perform at the Client Appreciation Event (which I helped plan!) was an experience like no other. Coming into it, I wasn’t expecting anywhere near the amount of experiences I received nor the amount of fun I would have doing work (or the amount of free snacks).

I mean, let’s be honest, who thought the world of IT could be THIS exciting?

By Taylor Stroili, Marketing Intern, The TNS Group

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