Who Leaves Home Without Their Smartphone?

March 21, 2016 The TNS Group

It is strange to think of what life was like before technology.  We now find ourselves buried in our phones, so much so that cities are looking to ban texting and walking!  But our mobile devices are part of our everyday lives whether we recognize it or not.  The 1975 American Express “Don’t leave home without it” ad campaign today could easily apply to our mobile devices.  We can order food online, we can pay our bills, use our devices to make purchases, update our friends on social media about our recent meals or life events, and so on.  You really can’t leave home without your cell phone because it’s your connection to the world around you.

My colleague Erika wrote an excellent blog post called BYOD: All of the “Cool” Companies Allow it.  It spoke about many of the benefits and concerns with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and one of the items I wanted to discuss further was Mobile Device Management (MDM).

There are great solutions out today that provide MDM.  VMWare has AirWatch, and Citrix has the XenMobile Platform, just to name a few of the solutions out there.  As these platforms mature, you should expect to do a majority of your work from your mobile device(s).  Now, the reason why this is something to take pause to and think about, is that your cell phone already is a part of your personal life, but now it can be a part of your professional life as well.  You can have secure access to files and email without your laptop because your phone is always, environment permitting, connected to a data network.  You don’t always have to work out of your personal computer if you don’t need to.  Your  Managed IT Services Company is a great resource to determine which platform is best for your business.

I perform most of my work related tasks through my iPhone presently.  I can use my iPhone 6 Plus to VPN into environments, initiate remote desktop sessions to fix issues, update documentation, all without the need to open my laptop, use an aircard, or (shudder) tether my phone to connect to my office network.  For me, my mobile device allows is a part of my life, so whether I like it or not, I can’t leave without it.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows your employees to work from their own devices increasing productivity overall.  This solution will enable you to increase overall performance and profitability when devices are properly managed.  If you’re ready to incorporate MDM in your business, get in touch with us today so we can learn more about your organization and discuss your goals going forward.

By:  Jonathan Cartagena, Engineering, The TNS Group

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