Keeping up to Date with Today’s Technology

February 28, 2017 The TNS Group

Technology is ever changing, which is why it is important to stay current on new trends and potential threats in the industry. An IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), like The TNS Group, always has an ear to the ground for new advancements and takes pride in finding out how new tech and exploits can impact clients. In the age where the Internet of Things (IoT) is so prevalent, MSPs must “up their game” to stay ahead of the next possible exploit and find innovative ways to merge today’s tech with the tech of tomorrow.

Perhaps the most important factor in research and development is the client experience. Constantly learning, researching, and obtaining certifications, allows TNS’ client services team the opportunity to enhance the experience we deliver to our clientele. There are new technologies affecting all of us in different ways on a daily basis, even though we may not be aware of it. Here, at The TNS Group, we implement new strategies to tackle some of these hurdles so our clients can transition through the changes in technology, seamlessly.

Utilizing technology to your advantage can help manage everyday tasks that can affect our personal and professional lives.  This is where we go the extra mile to ensure that we help our clients relieve some of this burden. You may not realize how much of our lives are dependent on the Internet of Things.

IoT, What is it?

You have probably heard the term IoT, or the Internet of Things sprinkled into conversations over the past few years. IoT refers to a network of interconnected devices that collect and exchange data via the Internet. The Internet of Things can include autonomous vehicles, smart devices, such as the smart watch, and any other physical device embedded with software and the capability to connect and communicate with other Internet connected devices.

Where will you see it?Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is everywhere you can imagine and more. We now have ways to control our homes, businesses and even our cars through our mobile devices. Our computers can become a “virtual environment” that exist in a different place than the one you are working in.  Many of us save our information in the “cloud,” which actually lives on a server at a location outside of the office, designated by your company. Smart wear helps us enhance our daily lives by delivering ease of use in the workplace and in our personal lives.  Whether we are responding to a text, taking pictures, or monitoring our heart rate at the gym, it is all at our fingertips.


Hospitals can now determine, through your own smart device, if you have a heart related issue and pinpoint the timing of it. Hospitals are starting to become more reliant on the ease of getting your information from these devices, through Bluetooth or radio frequency identification (RFID), so they can tend to your injuries and health issues faster and more efficiently.


Beyond the obvious classroom computer and laptop, education has welcomed IoT and other technologies with open arms. With the use of SMART Boards to bring lessons alive and Smart Lectures, which records video, audio, and notes written throughout the lecture, the overall learning experience has been elevated.

It’s Everywhere

Libraries use this technology to keep track of their books.  The government has our tax information, birth records, social security information, DMV records, and even our strategic military information stored in technology.

In today’s world, the advancements in technology and the IoT can be found in almost every industry.

What can IoT Devices Do?

Our phones now serve as an ATM, music library, camera and personal work device, to name a few.  Our televisions surf the web; our thermostats can control the comfortability of our home; and our devices can lock doors, turn off our sinks, and build a grocery list based on what is in your refrigerator.  In addition, you can watch a tutorial on how to make a dinner using the items that are available to you in your refrigerator, while searching for your favorite music to play, using voice commands.

Smart chips built into our credit cards help protect our finances. Tapping on apps from our smart device can control your children’s gaming time, what they can and cannot watch, and record your favorite shows while you are on vacation. Local authorities can access security camera footage, should your home have an intrusion.  The list is endless.

IoT and Your Business

This is where safeguards such as encryption, password protected files, firewalls, and developing a disaster recovery plan can culminate a safe environment to keep your data protected. With this information readily available for transmission, it is imperative to work with your IT Managed Service Provider to guard against hacking and social engineering schemes.

In this age of technology, we are all targets as it relates to compromised data in the workplace.  This is why the dedicated team at The TNS Group can help you stay ahead of the next generation of hackers and exploits. Call our knowledgeable team today and find out how we can help keep you safe from threats, backup your information, and even implement new technology for your business, so you are ahead of the competition.

 By:  A.J. Banores, Client Services, The TNS Group

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