Technology in Your Home Sweet (Smart) Home

July 21, 2015 The TNS Group

As each new generation comes of age, we reminisce about what it was like during our childhood years. For most of us, that meant running around in the yard, playing outdoor sports, asking mom’s permission to go down the street and ring your best friend’s doorbell to see if they could play, continuing to play after your parents shouted “Dinner!” once, twice, maybe three times. The list goes on.

This meant I did not share in the blissfully simple wonders of DVR, high-speed Internet, tablets, cellular data that costs less than $40 per 10MB (now we get 200x that, as a freebie). Nothing in my family’s house was connected by anything more than a telephone line (or three) until broadband became available in our area circa 1997—it was far from smart.

Fast forward, I am now in my thirties, and the world is abound with the “Internet of Things.” With that in mind I got to thinking—“what are ways I can bring newer technology into my home life”? Some ideas immediately popped into my head, as a result of spillover from my IT work life, but my interest continued to be piqued.

First, a SmartTV—pretty cool, but nothing revolutionary. Ultimately, being able to download movies and clips without needing a laptop or desktop connected to the TV as a monitor, meant one less cable connection, which made me happy! That however, was the beginning of the end.

Second came smart locks—a case for convenience. There have been far too many encounters that resulted in an awkward door key expedition to the most inconvenient jacket or pants pocket, while holding a cumbersome package, or ten. This all goes away now—with phone on my person, I just approach the door and it unlocks. Pretty sweet! Dare I say “magic”?!

There was still one inconvenience that remained—lights. Especially, after falling asleep on the couch to my favorite show, or being the last one to bed that forgets to turn off the lights in another room—as an aside, if you are the one who forgets, you are ALWAYS obliged to go back and right this wrong in an effort to keep the peace.

So I thought to myself, “I have my phone with me wherever I am” (I also use it as my alarm), the lesser of the two evils is to be greeted with the light of my phone’s screen, as opposed to walk to a light switch when I am already comfortable. The quest was on to find an app and relevant hardware.

A day or two went by, and mission accomplished! After fitting the new hardware and getting it all a push of a button, means any lights can go on or off with a touch, and vice versa. I don’t even have to be home to accomplish it. Convenience completed, but now I don’t even have to get out of bed to start a cup of tea, or change the temperature…what’s next the toaster? Oh wait…

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By:  Pete Fuss, Sales Engineer, The TNS Group

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