The Hidden Tale of Macs and Malware

July 8, 2016 The TNS Group

It was always said that Macs don’t get viruses. That was the case until late 2015 when Apple got its first taste of ransomware. As Apple computers find their way more and more into the corporate environment, they represent opportunities for hackers to exploit and compromise your systems and networks. You may be asking how you can thwart these threats and protect your Apple devices given their surge in popularity for virus and malware attacks. Listed below are a couple of things you can do to safeguard your Mac to ensure that you keep the bad guys out.

Properly Configure Security and Privacy Settings

In system preferences, select security and privacy. Under the general tab where there is a section that says “Allow apps downloaded from”, select the option for “Mac App Store and Identified Developers.”

This will ensure that only trusted applications that meet Apple’s standards are installed onto the system.

Installing an Antivirus Solution

TNS offers our TNS Protect security solution as part of our Managed IT Services (Total Care) package. If Macs are used in your business environment, or you are planning to move in that direction, it is important that you incorporate a robust solution to protect your systems.  You might also consider Avira free antivirus. With its regular updates, it stays on the cutting edge of Mac malware security.  Regardless of your solution, reach out to your IT Services Provider to make sure it is up to standard when it comes to protecting your environment, or contact The TNS Group to learn more.

Safe Browsing Habits

This one is a no-brainer, but sometimes people may click an incorrect link. Please be wary of websites you visit and links that you click.  Follow the golden rule – “If you don’t know what it is, don’t open it.”

And last but not least:

Keep third party software and your operating system up- to- date

Apple periodically releases MacOS (formerly OSX) updates whenever a security issue is discovered. Downloading these security patches is crucial in keeping your system and network secure and safe from harm. Third party software is also very important to keep updated, as hackers can exploit programs like Adobe Flash to attack machines. In fact, Adobe Flash is the number one offender of being vulnerable to exploits so be sure to check for updates frequently.

Following the steps listed above will help to ensure that you can integrate a Mac into your business operations without having to worry about security risk and future threats. At the TNS Group, we can help. Contact us today to understand how we proactively protect clients from risk and strengthen network security.

By:  Devin Harris, Client Services, The TNS Group

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