Fall Fixes for Small to Medium Businesses

November 10, 2017 The TNS Group

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Among being the best season for movie releases, the ability to crunch leaves all season, drink the obligatory Pumpkin spice lattes, and dress in fuzzy warm sweaters; once you’ve checked off all the items on the fall starter kit checklist, the next best thing is all the cool tech that comes out with it.

Sprint even has a commercial out dubbing it iPhone season. The iPhone however,  isn’t the only one making metaphorical waves this fall, and you won’t believe how they can be used to help your small to medium business. Stay tuned for all your fun fall fixes (ooh alliteration) and ways to use them in your business.

Remember That Clouds Don’t Always Ruin Your Day

There is a huge trend in businesses moving to the cloud.  As scary as it may seem to not have a physical server onsite, business owners may find that cloud-based solutions can increase efficiency. In many cases, they are less expensive, save time, and offer more mobility. While  cloud-based business applications, such as, QuickBooks, may not be ideal to run your business from 24/7, they are great for quick, crunch-time fixes.

Get Familiar

Unless you have your own secluded campus, like the tech giant Apple, you are likely to be surrounded by other businesses. In many cases, business owners are competing for traffic or trying to be the one that consumers choose to focus their attention and their dollars. In thinking this, you miss out on valuable relationships that could potentially lead to cross-marketing opportunities with local businesses, and to new clients. Instead, get familiar! Get to know your company neighbors and coordinate some cross-promotion events to get your name out there and build brand recognition in markets you typically wouldn’t penetrate. 

Invest In Quality

Whether you are hiring new talent or upgrading your technology, don’t skimp out on cost in those areas. If you want to make sure your business runs efficiently and has the best tools available, it may be worth revisiting the budget to make sure you can.

Learn To Learn, And Let Others Make Mistakes For You

It’s easy to have a successful business and think you’ve made it. That’s the quickest way to halt growth. Learn who the industry leaders are and learn from their mistakes and successes so that you don’t find yourself making the same mistake a year later. This will save you a lot of time and money and might give you a head start against your competitors.

Get In The Race To The Best

Businesses can sometimes focus on being the first to do something, and often sacrifice quality and safety. Whether it’s technology, design, healthcare or finance, you don’t want to sacrifice quality as it may end up costing you valuable clients and revenue down the road. When innovating, join the race to be the best, and not the first. Focus on developing your products and services to be the best they can possibly be so that you are referred to as a tastemaker, or leader in quality, and the fact that you weren’t the first to the table. People will always remember the best, not necessarily the first.

We’re still in the midst of a great fall season and you still have time to include some of the tips from above into your daily business practices. If you are still having difficulty applying these tips to specific parts of your business, like technology, contact us now and we’ll be glad to help. The TNS Group takes pride in our services including moving to the cloud, choosing quality technology, and bettering our solutions as we go. Schedule a discover meeting today!

By Shawtima Moore, Inside Sales, The TNS Group