Do You Have What It Takes To Work From Home?

January 26, 2018 The TNS Group

There are probably very few people who haven’t dreamed about how nice it would be to be able to work at home.  I only have a 10-minute commute into the office and I occasionally dream about staying home in my pajamas, on my couch with the TV on, and getting work done…Ok, maybe the couch and TV aren’t good ideas for remote work, but the pajamas I refuse to give up. 

In any case, working remotely is done easily as long as you have the requirements to make your dream reality.  What are these requirements?  You need the right space, the right equipment, and the right mindset.  That is all that is needed to work from home.  Let me go into detail.

The Right Space

While my dream of working at home includes the couch and TV, that is the worst thing you can do for yourself if you want to work from home on a regular basis.  If you cannot separate your workspace and your home space, it is difficult to get in the right mindset to be productive.  It is best to have a space in your house that is primarily used for work-related efforts.  Have few distractions by keeping out a TV and gaming systems.  If possible, don’t allow children and toys in the workspace.  Keep it professional with a desk and your equipment.  When you’re working, keep the door closed.  When you are not working, get out of that room/area and relax. 

Also, a plus side for creating an area in your house solely for working, you may be able to use that space and your equipment and supplies as a tax write off, depending on how frequently you work from home.

The Right Equipment

Besides space, you need the equipment to ensure you can work from home.  What does this include?  Typically the following items:

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Phone & Headset
  • Internet Connection
  • Printer/Scanner/Fax

Other items that might be needed can include a webcam for conference calls and additional monitors if you need more space to work on your computer.  The equipment you need is pretty much dependent upon the job you are doing.  An inside sales rep would want to have a great phone and a great headset to ensure they can make calls and not have any issues with being heard.  A technical help desk representative would probably need a high-quality computer with a fast internet connection to remote into users’ computers and fix whatever problems arise. 

The Right Mindset

What do I mean by the right mindset?  It means that a person who thinks to work at home means being able to sleep in late, slack off, and not have to get dressed on a daily basis might not be the right candidate for working from home.  Another bad candidate is someone who cannot separate their work and free time and gets sucked into working all the time and getting burned out rather quickly.  It is vital that you try to set well-defined work hours to handle all work-related matters.  Outside of those hours is your personal time and during that time you turn off your work phone and your work email and you relax.  To work from home you need be well-organized, have time management skills, and be a self-starter.  Not everyone has those skills and you need to think long and hard before you take the leap into working from home.

By having the right space, equipment, and mindset, you can easily join the modern workforce and work from home.  Not only does it make you more attractive to potential employers by proving you have the capability of working from home, but you also save on the daily commute, lunch & coffee expenses, and you get some leniency on your work clothes. 

For employers, having your employees work remotely has been shown to improve employee satisfaction, reduce attrition, and reduce unscheduled absences.  On top of that, it expands the talent pool you have to choose from when hiring new employees as you are not limited by location. 

If you have any interest in setting up a home office or if you are interested in allowing your employees to work remotely please reach out to The TNS Group and we will assist you in showing you your options and helping you to create a game plan and put it into action. 

By, Jennifer Totilo, Procurement, The TNS Group

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