7 Perks of Using IT Consulting Services

April 8, 2016 The TNS Group

Information technology (IT) is an ever changing world.  To ensure business profitability, companies are partnering with a select IT Consulting Services Company. An IT Services Consulting Company provides solutions to help your business compete and grow strategically. These companies offer a wide range of services, project management, processes and expertise to enhance the performance of existing IT assets to meet business objectives.

It is vital to any growing company to have IT systems that support their business goals.  The cost to maintain an efficient in-house IT staff can be too substantial for many businesses to maintain.  Never mind the ongoing training required to keep your IT Department certified and up-to-speed on the latest developments in technology.  What should a company do?

The answer to this quandary is to outsource your IT needs to an IT Consulting Services Company, sometimes referred to as a Managed Services Provider (MSP).  These firms provide a broad range of resources to deliver the highest level of service to their partners.  They offer a team of highly trained (certified) engineers and business professionals, economies of scale, technical expertise and experience that enables companies of all sizes to afford IT support that benefits their business.  To ensure that you are getting the most value from outsourcing, click here to learn more about what a reputable company should offer.

Below are the top 7 perks of outsourcing to an IT Consulting Services Company:

Increase Business Profitability

Keeping your team focused on revenue generating activities and meeting individual goals, instead of technology is a solid strategy to become more profitable on a year-to-year basis.  Allowing people to focus on their core competencies rather than dabbling in areas outside of their expertise, can create frustration.

Most organizations do not have an onsite IT person or they may have one person on staff that is not always accessible.  This translates into everyone from a C-level position to the administrative level spending countless hours on trivial technology tasks.  This requires research into the problem, an understanding of the technology and the knowledge to fix things.  Yes, sometimes this can be googled but why not delegate these tasks to your IT Consulting Services Company?  Unless you want the title of technical expert, take your “time” back and focus on the revenue.  Still not convinced?  Click here to learn 8 additional ways in which outsourcing can make your business more profitable.

Welcome to Your Very Own Team of Experts

Partnering with an IT Consulting Services Company brings a pool of technical expertise to your business.  A reputable IT consulting firm will hire based on technical proficiency and certifications, service delivery standards as well as their ability to communicate.  This provides a wide range of resources to meet all of your IT needs, regardless of the complexity. Having broad range of expertise provides advisory and execution advantages and processes to any small to mid-sized business that relies solely on in-house staff or one designated IT “expert.”  Not only does an IT Consulting Services Company bring the technical resources but also the vendor partnerships (Apple, Microsoft, Dell, etc.) that enable them to bring the very best in modern technologies.

Lower You HR Spend and Save Some Money

When outsourcing your business and technical needs to an IT Consulting Services Company, you pay a set fee.  There is no recruiting, training, vacation, sick days, turnover, performance reviews and other management issues as it relates to hiring internal IT staff.  You will have flexibility in the relationship, realize a cost savings, and will have the potential to provide extra benefits to your employees and/or business. At first, your IT Consulting Services Company may appear to be more costly, but making this investment in utilizing technology to grow your business.  Over a short period of time, this partnership will make your operations more cost-effective and efficient, therefore, reducing your spend in both IT and Human Resources.

Vendor Support is at Your Fingertips

Access to vendor partners is crucial in supporting technical needs.  Delays in accessing a manufacturer when equipment does not work properly, is going to impact your business. In general manufacturers, rarely provide direct end-user support and if they do, the technical speak they provide may be challenging to navigate.  In working with an IT Consulting Services Company, you have access to a procurement department that has direct access to your vendors.  If you have a firewall under support and it fails, their procurement team can get a replacement onsite to your business as soon as 24 hours (if not faster).  Through a relationship with an established IT Consulting Services Company, your business gains accessibility to priority access to Cisco, HP and most other technology vendors out there, making you and your business a true “VIP.”

Increase your Purchasing Power

IT Consulting Services Companies’ primary focus is IT, which allows them to achieve greater economies of scale and purchasing power. Simply, they can deliver greater, faster solutions to meet your business and technical needs. They have internal processes in place that enable them to assess technical environments and issues more efficiently than businesses can do on their own.  Your environment is their priority.  This translates to savings of both time and money.

Say Goodbye to Downtime

When your business can rely on an IT Consulting Services Company, they have confidence in their support and do not try to “fix” the problem on their own.  As a business owner you and your team will know what services are available when needed, that systems are running and up-time is maximized.  In today’s competitive world, companies can no longer sacrifice issues with internet connectivity, lost emails or corrupt data.  This not only interrupts employee workflow which affects productivity, but it also affects your bottom line. A dependable IT Consulting Services company will mitigate these issues and ensure that you have a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution as well as a BDR plan to recover any lost data, timely.

Do you know what the cost of downtime is? That depends on the size of your organization and how fast you can recover.  According to a report conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC), network downtime costs 80% of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) at least $20,000 per hour.  For 20% of those SMBs, one hour of downtime can cost at least $100,000.  Can you afford that type of loss?  What if you lose your data in the process and don’t have a solution in place? You can say goodbye to your business.

Experience Strategic Business Growth

Working collaboratively with an IT Consulting Services Company allows you to access on-demand talent and view your technology as an asset.  Their proactive approach ensures that systems are continuously monitored and issues are addressed before they can impact your day-to-day operations. You can leverage the expertise of your partners who will provide a roadmap for your technology so you can plan accordingly.  This type of partnership will enable you to realize business growth and efficiency in all aspects of your organization.  They are up-to-date on the latest in information technologies and have the expertise to communicate what you should and should not invest in and how it will impact your business.  This will enable you to effectively gain a competitive edge while keeping your focus on your own business.

By:  Erika Ellis, Marketing, The TNS Group


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