3 Tips for an Entrepreneurial Mindset by an MSP CEO

July 6, 2015 The TNS Group

We all have the ability to be an entrepreneur and make our visions come to life. Hard work and taking risks are key components to achieving success but it goes further than that. The entrepreneurial mindset allows you to view each day differently and does not rest on the laurels of past success. It is about a fresh perspective on a brand new day on a personal and professional level.

Attitude of Gratitude.

Focus on the positive and not on the negative. When you focus your energy solely on the negative, it hinders your ability to think clearly about an issue or situation. Negativity cannot exist where there is gratitude.  It keeps the mind clear and open to new opportunities, people, situations, viewpoints, etc.  Not every day is a win, but you have the ability to control how you view each day. Half full or half empty? It’s your choice. Some days this comes easy and some days you have to work at it but the results will work in your favor in the long run regardless of how challenging a situation is.

A Question a Day.

Ask yourself a question each day on how you can improve on yourself personally or professionally.   Not a simple yes or no, but one that will bring you a step closer to where you want to be. Instead of asking “Why am I unsuccessful with time management?” ask yourself “How can I be more successful with my time management?” The first question will yield all the reasons of WHY but will not create a path for change (I’m busy, I’m bombarded with work, I have kids, my parents are old and need help, etc.). The second question will ruminate in your subconscious and, when ready, an idea will pop up that will guide you towards your desired goal.

Be Intentional.

It’s all too easy to get swept away by the various items that are pulling your focus in so many different directions. If you are not intentional with your days, you will never achieve the goals you desire to make yourself a success. Think of 3 tasks every day that must get done prior to the end of the day. By creating this list of required items, you can prioritize your day accordingly, i.e., who you speak to, what emails get responded to, what last minute meetings you take, etc. By achieving these items each and every day you will feel more accomplished and have a better mindset to set yourself up for success in the future.

“Yesterday ended last night.  Today is a brand new day and it’s yours.”  – Zig Zagler

By Ami Soifer, Co-Founder and CEO, The TNS Group

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