Generational Standards of Technology

January 17, 2017 The TNS Group

The world of computing has changed and with it so has the generational standards of technology. As the workforce of tomorrow continues to rise, the needs of technological specializations will as well. The Post-Millennial generation has lived with technology their entire lives and technology is virtually in their DNA. Adding an email account to a mobile device could throw the average end user for a loop, but not for this group.  It is now the established norm thus it is obvious that the next beacon of technology lies in specializations.

The end users of tomorrow will be technically savvy individuals. It is in the best interest of everyone else to continue to educate themselves to keep up with these advancements. Cyber security will become the next big wave within the world of technology, out thinking end users will become huge which will lead to a decrease in workforce growth of the average end user, the technology boomers.

Innovation Opportunity

Though some may disagree, this trend will lead to innovation and excitement. This is particularly relevant, to the teens that spends the most time at home and school on their mobile devices, as it ushers in the rise of the next end user becoming a technology specialist.  There are websites dedicated solely to advancing the minds of millions on the next steps and higher limitations of technology and this generation remains on the heels of each advancement. 

Generational Divide

At any rate, the growing awareness of age in connection with technological skill and use has become a common topic. The divide between the Millennials, Generation X, and Boomers is apparent by the greater ability to adapt to new technologies. Yet, while there is little doubt that newer generations will determine the future of digital media, if only by virtue of growing older and replacing present day adults as decision makers, it is less clear what the effects of this will be. Will today’s trendsetters become the technology specialists over time, as what is considered “new” becomes outdated?  Will the current  perspectives carry over to future generations or will tech innovators render them obsolete like their predecessors?

The future of technology will continue to grow, as will the the new generations of learning minds. It is exciting to be apart of the growth and continue to experience the changes that come along.  

By: Stacy Donegan, Finance, The TNS Group

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