Data Center Design and Build

Whether building a new facility, expanding an existing data center or retrofitting an existing site, TNS will assess and examine a firmís business needs, adhere to corporate standards, ensure flexibility and provide space for growth. Our high level engineers consider all architectural, mechanical, and electrical issues as we prepare a design that is cost-effective, redundant, scalable, and maintainable.

At TNS, we build consensus with all of the organizationís stakeholders to ensure our clientís data center has a reliable, flexible infrastructure that addresses every requirement and is scalable.

Our certified engineers can assist clients in all of the following areas:

  • Evaluate the global corporate IT strategy and the technology facilities to support it
  • Create a business continuity plan to ensure full functionality in the event of an interruption to production in the primary data center
  • Prepare an assessment and subsequent implementation strategy for security, power, networking infrastructure, HVAC, fire suppression, disaster recovery, and monitoring/uptime assurance.

Using technologies such as virtualization, technology asset management, and automated application delivery TNS assists our clients in developing a clear understanding of current environments, map a plan for the future, and ensure that their technology infrastructure can grow to meet business requirements. To learn more about data center design and build out, or any TNS solution, contact TNS today.