IT Relocation Services

TNS is well versed in office moves and relocations. Whether upsizing, downsizing, or simply looking to head in a different geographic direction, TNS can assist in preparation and execution of even the most complex Information Technology infrastructure moves. With a proven track record on data center relocations, large scale office moves, or new office configuration, TNS will be there every step of the way to ensure your company does not miss a beat when changing scenery.

Data Center Design and Build

The data center is the single most important aspect to any company’s IT infrastructure. It is the place where the most IT investment is made and where small decisions can have long lasting impacts after they are implemented. When looking to construct a new data center for production or disaster recovery purposes, the process can be very drawn out and costly if the correct resources are not applied to the task. TNS offers turnkey data center design and build services that will take clients from design and planning stages, right through documentation and testing to ensure your project stays on time and on budget.

Data Center Moves and Migrations

In today’s challenging business economy, companies are consistently looking towards the data center as a way to better balance overall IT budgets. By consolidating, migrating, or restructuring the data center, companies of all sizes can see tangible results in their bottom lines, and overall IT efficiency.

Office and Trading Stations Moves

While important, a company’s data center represents only the back end of IT operations. TNS provides project specific engineers with the tools and experience necessary to ensure success when relocating workstations and traders desks in today’s technology center world of business. Whether expanding, condensing, or relocating employees, TNS provides turnkey consulting for any sized project.

Cable Infrastructure Design and Installation

Even the most high end networking equipment and engineers can be ineffective in the presence of sub-par network wiring. Imagine the veins of a human as the network cabling of your Information Technology Infrastructure, shuttling vital information back and forth between servers, workstations, and storage devices. Our BICSI –Certified Registered Communication Distribution Designers will leverage best practice methods and advanced CAD tools to design a solution that is right for today and scalable for tomorrow.